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Welcome to the Locus Blog

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Welcome to our fun little blog! Here at Locus we are all about authenticity. Our blog is going to feature some great travel tips, stories, testimonials, local partnerships, and much more!

What is this all about?

Sign up with Locus! As a member, not only do you get important updates about Locus, but you have full access to our blog. Following our blog allows you to stay connected with the cities we are currently active in.

Our mission is to change the way we travel by connecting people with people through the art of travel. The purpose of our blog is to change the way we think about travel and shed light on the true value of experience.

Now more than ever, we live in a society that yearns for authenticity and realness with focus on locally grown produce, untouched landscapes, and local coffee shops. We want quality over quantity. We want experiences that help us grow and greater our scope of understanding. We look for the value that comes from personal connections. Travelers today aren’t looking for chain restaurants and tourist traps, we seek untouched spots. Not only that, but travelers today want to connect and learn from people that live in those locations they are traveling to. We at Locus agree. Our goal is to consistently offer unforgettable and totally unique experiences. We aim to to this while also save you time and money devoted to travel planning and booking.

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