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AirBNB Names Milwaukee as Top Global Destination

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Yes you read that correctly! AirBNB, the worlds largest online marketplace for lodging, has named Milwaukee as the #1 travel destination for 2020. This isn’t the top in Wisconsin, the United States, nor North America - we are talking in the WORLD. Sorry Tokyo, you made #17 on the list...

AirBNB reports a 729% year over year increase for bookings made in Milwaukee. Yeah that’s kinda big! What is leading to this year being so BIG for Milwaukee? Well we have a couple things going on in the city this year. Well for starters, The Democratic National Convention will be held at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum in July. 50,000 people are expected to attend this years DNC. Check out our DNC blog for more on this news.

Local lodging, restaurants, and bars have boosted their promotions and even lengthened hours of operations during the event. Milwaukee plans on boosting local infrastructure in preparation for the event.

Although highly important for the city, the DNC is not the only reason for the momentum in Milwaukee this year.

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