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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Why ”Locus”? We love our name! We want to share with our travelers why the heck we call ourselves Locus.

In general terms, locus means the place where something is located or situated. According to the Merriem-Webster dictionary, the locus is “a center of activity, attention, or concentration”.

It would be safe to say we are a little nerdy at Locus so lets get a little nerdy for a minute...

Latin: Originating from the Latin language, Locus translates to “location” or “place”.

Genetics: With some biology background, our founder wanted to incorporate some genetics into the name. DNA is the building block of all forms of life. As DNA makes up genes, a “locus” is the specific location of a gene on a chromosome, like a genetic street address. The gene is then encoded into a trait (ex: blue eyes). #2 below shows the locus on the chromosome.

Mathematics: Maybe not as exciting as the building blocks of life itself, but locus is another key term in mathematics. A locus is a set of points whose location satisfy a property. These locations on a plane form a shape or line.

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